06 — 12 — 2018

Library Paper 09 is available to purchase online now. This issue features: covers by Cali Thornhill Dewitt, zine by Peter Sutherland and foreword by Omar Almufti as well as a ton of amazing contributors. Check them out here.

03 — 12 — 2018

Cool work and submission from  Hui yeon Hwang.

29 — 11 — 2018

We made a book with Something Special Studios, ‘Summer of Something Special’. Featuring: Aidan Cullen, Anton Gottlob, Chad Moore, Chandler Kennedy, Chase Hall, Dan Regan, Dexter Navy, Hayley Louisa Brown, Julien Kelly–Gross, Nico Young, Venice Gordon, Zoltán Jókay. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of ‘Summer of Something Special’ will be donated to the ACLU. Launching tonight at Nike 45 Grand space in NYC. Available to buy here.

13 — 11 — 2018

Amazing collage book from photographer Quentin de Briey. Designed by Jean-Baptiste Talbourdet-Napoleone and published by Yvon Lambert.

25 — 10 — 2018

Amazing looking P Magazine issue six, a project by Monumento, available now.

23 — 10 — 2018

Some cool new work from London and California based HARD.

19 — 10 — 2018

Fantastic Men celebrates the personal style of some of Chris Black’s favorite men. Book by Chris Black (Done to Death Projects), published by Post Post Works.

01 — 10 — 2018

Cookbook No 4 by Naranjo-Etxeberria explores the work of Cali Thornhill Dewitt.

26 — 09 — 2018

‘C’ by Joe Gilmore, published by Catalogue Library. 12 page risograph zine available now. Also available our Knowledge Editions tote bag, both released by KE at the NYABF 2018.

12 — 09 — 2018

Soft Copy 001, a 32 page book full of amazing artists. Launching at Mast Books next week. Be sure to check it out if you’re in NYC. Project by Amy and Brian Kanagaki.